Vaulters’ Code of Conduct

Vaulters must sign form annually.

Code of Conduct Form for Vaulters

Our Code of Conduct form needs to be signed annually by each student enrolled in our vaulting classes. Please read through it carefully, check the required boxes, and sign it online.

The Code of Conduct must be complete in order to participate past the intro to vault classes. It will be revisited annually. It is mandatory and your responsibility that participants have a current membership with the Ontario Equestrian Federation before participating beyond the intro to vaulting lesson(s) & renew every year.

Mission Statement

Nation Valley Vaulters mission statement is dedicated to providing access to a safe, fun environment for athletes, in both competition and as a recreational activity, while growing their love of horses through the sport of equestrian vaulting.


If horses are not available due to illness, injury, or travel issues, an alternative class will be provided (ie. barrel class). Horse time at practice is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the coaches/lungers.

In the event of cold or inclement weather, classes may be cancelled with 2 hours notice. A make up practice will be scheduled within that month. Classes missed/cancelled by the vaulter will not be entitled to a makeup session.

Participants, coaches, lungers, approved visitors and volunteers only are permitted in the arena and vaulting circle. Unless parents are volunteering, please keep contact with vaulters to a minimum to help them stay focused on their tasks and responsibilities in class. We welcome parents to watch classes from a designated seating area, but reserve the right to ask them to leave with no questions asked.

All safety measures possible are taken at every class, competition or demonstration to reduce risks. These include but are not restricted to; horse & vaulter health (no participation against doctor’s orders), ground conditions (absence of obstacles and appropriate footing), weather conditions (ie. barrel class vs cancellation of class if too cold/storming etc.), required insurances (all vaulters must have a current OEF membership), adequate vaulter and horse warm-up, training degree of difficulty tailored to each individual participant, and equipment checks.

The horses are living partners that work, learn, tolerate and contribute to the team. Respect must be given to their physical and emotional needs. Caution and care must also be used when training around and caring for them. Participants must follow the guidelines given in orientation, including rules of the barn, arena, and/or horses. Decisions made by the coach/lunger are made in the best interest of the horse and are not to be disputed by vaulters or parents.

Classes start at their scheduled start time, and are finished when all the horse care is complete, not when the vaulters are finished vaulting. The care of the horses is required of all vaulters until a coach excuses them.

Movement between levels (degree of difficulty of moves and pace) is dependent on safety, competition scores if applicable, coach/lunger discretion, well being of the horse, available horse time and input from vaulter. Moving up is a privilege and must be earned.

Training, cueing, and discipline of the horses is the sole responsibility of the coaches and designated lungers. It is our goal to provide safe, fit, suitable horses to work and have fun with. Vaulters contribute to the horses progression, comfort and willingness by vaulting as directed by the coaches to fit the needs/abilities of the horse they’re on.

No personal electronic devices at practices, meetings etc. unless they are to compliment the class/event ie. Music or videotaping.
Families are often needed to volunteer to make some of our events/activities happen. Parents are encouraged to find areas that they enjoy and/or are comfortable with to support the team. Team meetings, which are scheduled as needed approximately 1-2/year are extended to interested families.

Any activity using the team name and/or logo will have a project leader determined by the coach/owner. This person will responsible for any direct communication with the coach/owner, overseeing the project, creating committees if extra help is required, and dialogue between parents, vaulters & coaches. Examples of projects include fundraising, competitions, media releases, community contact etc.
Club contact/Coach is Jen Byvelds phone 613-298-0072 or email

Out of respect for classes, horses and students, concerns or lengthier questions should be addressed outside of class time. Email or phone are only for smaller issues — time will be made for face to face meetings to discuss all others. Office hours to contact is between 9am-7pm, Monday to Saturday.


Classes consist of preparation of horse & vaulter, vaulting, and cool-down/clean-up. Athletes are required to come prepared with appropriate clothing & footwear, bodies nourished, hydrated & rested, and a willing attitude.

Clothing should be fitted & non-binding; lycra tights are ideal. Water or vaulting shoes are needed for on the horse, and runners or boots for horse preparation. Hair needs to be off the face so as not to interfere with vision and/or be a distraction. No half shirts or shorts at practice. Any jewelry that can get caught while vaulting should be removed before the start of practice. Vaulters are responsible for their own belongings and the team equipment at class, demos, clinics and competitions. Parents are encouraged to support independence & responsibility.

We require class registration renewal online at the start of every semester. We run three semesters, Spring, Summer and fall, breaking for winter. Preferred payment is through our online payment system. If you choose to pay by cash, please put in an envelope and clearly labeled by vaulters name, the amount enclosed and the reason for payment (eg. Vaulter: Jane doe, payment $280 for spring semester).

If vaulters are unable to vault due to an injury, we do require a doctors/physical therapy note to return for all levels of participation to ensure safety for all including the horse. If coach sees evidence of injury of vaulter states they are unwell or injured, it is up to the coach to determine if a medical note is needed to return to participation.

For vaulters leaving our semester due to injury, we require a doctors note to receive a 50% refund on the remaining classes. Please be respectful of your coaches time and let them know ahead of time if you will be missing classes or late to a class, as this may affect their class content for that day.

If you have any questions about the costs of running the program or caring for our horses, or anything else regarding our fees in general, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Class costs, last updated spring 2023:

1x/week Introduction class x 8 weeks - $280

Spring/summer/fall 2023 regular season, 1x/week x10 weeks- $350

Team/pairs class (add-on class only) 2x/week- $100 , 4x/week- $200

Privates (subject to availability)

Barrel - $50

Horse - $80

Dues are to be paid upon registration for your class, we offer two options of a 3 month payment plan starting from the day of registration, or full payment. Monthly payments are only available through our online system and not with any other payment method, (cash ex.).


Vaulters competing at a Walk/Trot/Canter level are permitted to wear our club's signature uniform leotard, and black vaulting or water shoes (coloured shoes no longer allowed for competitions).

Awards attire includes your choice of a NVV polo/sweater or jacket and black yoga type pants or team leotard as leggings for local competitions, and white jeans for International Competitions.

Remember that you are representing NVV at all times at competition and are required to be dressed appropriately and respectfully.

Individual competition costs include coaching fees (organizing, registration, lunging & coaching at event, score sheet evaluation), registration and class fees, as well as shared travel costs for the horses & coach.

Depending on the level of competition (showing out of province), you may be required to have more memberships, others include EVABC and EC Sport License. Please check with coaches beforehand to be sure you have all required documentation.

Vaulters must be actively training for a minimum of 2 months prior to a competition to be eligible to compete, and may not miss more than 2 practices in the month leading up to competition.

If for any reason a coach or lunger does not believe a vaulter is fit to compete, they may be asked to withdraw at any time. This includes physical and mental health, as well as abiding by our club morals.

We are a team, and we compete as a team. Vaulters are expected to be at the competition for its entirety, assisting with any chores or horse related tasks, cheering on their fellow teammates and helping wherever necessary. Vaulters are to arrive promptly at the time designated by the coaches and are to get permission before leaving the premises.

Vaulters are encouraged to compete against themselves rather than others in the competition. Score sheets are reviewed with vaulters, copies kept and given to individuals at the end of the season and compared with previous results to measure progress.

Vaulters may be required to meet the week prior to prepare equipment and horses. This time is over and above class time and chore commitments.

Vaulters who are part of our competitive program are expected to compete on club horses only, unless organized by the coach. This is for the safety of the vaulter, liability, and fairness to their club members. Exceptions to this can be discussed with your coach minimum one month before competition.

Vaulters who choose to show out of province will have their horse bookings and entries completed by your home Club (NVV).

Competitors, and families of, must be willing to follow the guidelines of team competition, which is given in a hand-out or email. Some details include, but aren’t restricted to: class levels and show structure, healthy nutrition/hydration traveling to and at the event, minimal electronic devices at team camp, and volunteering for the event, either before, during or after.

Code of Conduct

Nation Valley Vaulters fosters everyone’s diverse qualities to create a successful, cohesive team that will yield valuable skills and memories. Our goal is to provide a healthy, productive environment where we can all grow in a positive, safe environment.

Mutual respect and cooperation is required of all of it’s members.

Older and more advanced vaulters must at all times represent themselves as role models to the younger teammates. Inappropriate conversation, language will not be tolerated around our youth vaulters, and may result in removal from competitions and events.

Team Members at Nation Valley Vaulters include and are not limited to vaulters, parents, coaches & volunteers.

Team Members are required to:
  • Attend with a positive attitude and a willingness to accept others opinions and decisions
  • Endeavour at all times to be productive
  • Support each other's personal goals, dignity & self esteem
  • Manage conflict to support the optimum functioning of the team and it’s members
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning
  • Be encouraging and positive
  • Stay focused & disciplined when they get discouraged — there are highs & lows in life and in sport
  • Be prepared to participate: bring what’s needed, be healthy, rested and fed

All of us are responsible for recognizing and acting on qualities that do not meet the Code of Conduct, either in our own behaviour or the behaviour of others. Members are encouraged to problem solve their issues with those involved, and seek help in dealing with situations if needed. Concerns should be brought to the attention of the Coach.

Any Member not willing or able to act within the Code of Conduct will be asked to have a period of time away from the team. Repeated breaches will result in the Member(s) being excused from participation.
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